Preview 5 Tracks From Christina Aguilera's New Album 'Lotus'

In this new series of videos on VEVO, Christina Aguilera takes a room full of press (and all of us fans watching online) through the creative process behind her seventh album Lotus and 5 tracks from the album.

She describes "Let There Be Love" as a dance-driven catchy club song, "Army Of Me" is an empowering song that she calls "Fighter" 2.0, "Blank Page" is a classic Xtina ballad, "Make The World Move" is a funky Cee Lo Green collaboration, and "Just A Fool" is a heartfelt collaboration with her self-professed favorite Voice judge Blake Shelton. You can see the full playlist of videos here and you can watch her intro below:

What do you think of the 5 tracks from Lotus? Which one is your favorite?