Quoted: Aloe Blacc Songwrites in the Ayer, Ay-Ayer

Every artist has a preferred spot to pen down their songs: in the studio, in bed before they go to sleep, and even while they're in transport. Case in point — up and coming R&B crooner Aloe Blacc's airplane inspiration! Mr. Blacc recently spoke to NME Magazine about where he gets ideas for songs, and he swiftly replied:

"To get my ideas, I usually go to an airplane. I come up with a lot of specific thoughts on planes. Being restricted from other activities is helpful. For the most part I'm a calm person - most of the time I'm very relaxed even if I'm in the middle of a million things."

Aloe's got a point: if you're on a long flight and buckled to your airplane seat, what else is there to do but get lost inside your head and jot down lyric ideas? 

Another tidbit about the singer/songwriter? He admits that he's afraid of his career going into a tailspin (sorry for the pun), but thinks that he could write music for other pop stars if need be. Aloe's also interested in...playing Beyonce's dad in her bio pic if it ever comes up? We're behind this project 100%!

Where's the best place in your opinion to pen down lyrics?  

~ A.H.