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18-year-old Rachel Holder may be a newcomer on the country music scene, but the Tennessee native already knows a thing or two about the industry. "These days, I don't think that there's any one formula for success, necessarily, but I know you have to have faith in yourself, passion for the music and a serious will to succeed. And great songs!", says the enthusiastic budding country star on her Facebook page. With her new single "Five Days", she knew instantly that it was the song for her:

"When I first heard "Five Days", I was immediately drawn to it. It's very female empowering. I loved the fact that the women in the song didn't go chasing back after the guy once he left, she just got over him and went out with her girlfriends and had a great time! At first a lot we were worried of it sounding like Shania Twain, but in the end after all the bells and whistles where perfected, we knew we had created a Rachel Holder sound.  The song is sassy, and I'm sassy. It doesn't get any more simple then that!"

We have the lyric video to Ms. Holder's single before anybody else! Watch it here:

Download Rachel's "Five Days" over on iTunes. What do you think of her catchy tune?