Check Out These Awesome Lyric Sheets From Ray Lamontagne

There's one for every lyric from his new album Supernova.

Ray Lamontagne is considered one of the finest lyricists in music for good reason. His four albums released to-date are lauded for their vivid storytelling and intimate subject matter. The same should be said of his upcoming LP Supernova, a 10-song album produced by the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and recorded at his Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville. This time around, though, Ray took a different approach to his songwriting, breaking some of his own rules and conventions to channel the enthusiasm he had as a young songwriter, long before becoming the GRAMMY Award-winning musician he is today. "These songs reflect just my joy of songwriting, what I enjoy about writing songs," says Ray of the songs on Supernova. "They feel free to me. I didn't have to go searching around through cupboards to find the missing pieces; all the puzzle bits would just sort of burst to life in front of me. I just grabbed them and pieced them together and then would be surprised at what was in front of me -- like, 'Wow, that's cool!'"

This week we are publishing lyrics from Ray's upcoming album Supernova in three parts, beginning Tuesday and ending Thursday. Day one includes lyric-art for three songs from the album, "Lavender," "Airwaves," and "She's The One," a song that came to Ray in a half-day burst to finish the album. Day two will feature lyric-art for the songs "Pick Up A Gun," "Julia," and "No Other Way." Day three finishes with the songs "Supernova," "Ojai," "Smashing," and "Drive-in Movies." Read Ray's Supernova lyrics via these beautiful lyric-sheets below.

Part 1:

1. "Lavender"

2. "Airwaves"

3. "She's the One"

Part 2:

4. "Pick Up A Gun"

5. "Julia"

6. "No Other Way"

Part 3:

7. "Supernova"

8. "Ojai"

9. "Smashing"

10. "Drive-in Movies"

Watch the video for the album's title-track "Supernova" below:

Supernova is available for pre-order on iTunes, and you can stream the entire record on iTunes Radio now.

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