Regina Spektor's "All The Rowboats" Captured in The Live Room

All The Rowboats

As big fans of singer/songwriter/pianist extraordinaire Regina Spektor, we were excited to hear about her session with The Warner Sound entitled The Live Room. Capturing Regina perform songs from her new album What We Saw From The Cheap Seats, the piano diva's Live Room session is live music at its best. With a backing band accompanying the quirky singer, Regina's lyrics really pop when she performs live, especially in her song "All The Rowboats". It's a pulsating whirlwind of a tune, with Regina belting "In glass coffins, they keep coughin' / They've forgotten, forgotten how to sing, how to sing", and we think the Live Room session brings out the best in her talent.

Watch Regina Spektor's riveting "All The Rowboats" Live Room performance below:

What do you think of The Live Room sessions? Do you focus on the singer's lyrics more than a regular recorded track?