Rick Ross Claims "Mastermind" is a "Masterpiece"

The rapper thinks his next album is going to be epic, but will it be? See which direction Rozay could take on it.

Rick Ross may have once been named the Hottest MC In The Game by MTV, but these days, it's been all talk no action for the famous rapper. His upcoming album, Mastermind, is set for release on December 17th, and with Jay Z part of the team behind the record, the Teflon Don's been talking a big game about how much of a "masterpiece" it's going to be. But will it really, with all the controversy that's been haunting the hip-hop star? The Maybach Music Group leader has been through the ringer over the past year: threatened by street gangs, being guilty of rapping a line about date rape on "U.O.E.N.O.", and losing his deal with Reebok.

Radio.com ran a piece on Rick Ross dissecting the 5 paths he could take lyrically on Mastermind to essentially save his falling career. Let's have a look at the 5 different directions Rozay could go, shall we?

5. Fall Back On His Money
We know how much Ross is worth. Just look at his lyrics! Certainly he's got enough money to fall back on if his new album tanks.

4. Go Deep Lyrically
Radio.com points out that his verse on Pusha T's "Hold On" is one of the deepest and best of his career. Maybe keep rustling those demons out of your closet, Rick.

3. Change Up His Delivery
His typical stop-start flow has been borrowed from everybody from Nicki Minaj to Kendrick Lamar, so he's not very distinguishable anymore when it comes to his sound. He should hock everybody with a new style!

2. Recognize His Brush With Death
Ross has suffered a high number of seizures in the past few years, and it's a scary thing. Getting in touch with his emotions over how it affected him might make the rapper appear more humble.

1. Attack Other Rappers (well, with words!)
With the success of Kendrick Lamar's crazy "Control" verse that disses essentially every rapper in his field, he's now one of rap's heaviest hitters. Just because you're working with Jay Z, Ross, doesn't mean you shouldn't call him out on a few things...just sayin'...

Head to Radio.com and read the full article for more.

Watch the music video for "No Games" from Rick Ross off VEVO below:

What lyrical direction do you think Ross should take on his new album?