Rihanna Dances Again in "Where Have You Been" Video

We've definitely been saying "Where Have You Been" to Rihanna's new music video ever since the news broke a while ago announcing the release of the vid. Now that it's finally here, we are so stoked to see that the video for WHYB showcases Rihanna's dancing abilities, which we haven't seen since...hmm...maybe the "S.O.S." clip?

Fitting in with the song's lyrics about finding a lover she was looking for her whole life, the video takes on a tribal vibe, making Rihanna the huntress on the prowl for her man. We loved the two dance spots: one with male backup dancers and one with female, which has Rihanna going from a stomping tribe leader to a slinky girl-group member owning a club's dance floor.

Watch the pop starlet go back to her dancing roots on VEVO:

Download Rihanna's new single off her album Talk That Talk on iTunes and let us know what you think of the vid!