Rihanna Hints At Possible David Guetta Collaboration "Right Now" On Twitter [UPDATED]

Earlier today, Rihanna (who loves to tweet) took to her Twitter account and posted a bit of a riddle for fans to solve:

It didn't take long for us (and the rest of the fans) to guess David Guetta, who has collaborated with Rihanna before on "Who's That Chick?" back in 2010 and who celebrates his birthday on November 7th. 7 is a significant number because this album is Ri-ri's seventh release so it makes sense that she'd put a collaboration with a very popular artist in spot #7 on Unapologetic. As you can see from the tracklist, the song is called "Right Now."

But is it for sure David Guetta? Another possible collaborator is English rapper Tinie Tempah, whose birthday is also tomorrow...

 [UPDATE] Shortly after we published this post, Rihanna tweeted to confirm that it is indeed David Guetta!

 Are you excited to hear this collaboration? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments!