Rihanna Refuses To Chew Her Steak & More Misheard Lyrics of 2013

Pleated Jeans is back with his Misheard Lyrics 2013 compilation video: click here for LOLs!

Pleated Jeans, the loveable YouTube user behind the popular Misheard Lyric video, has made a recap of the year by taking the best songs from the past 12 months and giving them the Misheard Lyrics 2013 treatment. Our favorite from the bunch is clearly Rihanna's "Stay", where "I won't chew the steaaaaaak" had us laughing in our seats.

But what other LOL-worthy misheard lyrics can you expect in the clip? Pink is really craving dried fruit with her line "Just give me a raisin", while Daft Punk want to...rob a mexican? Get ready to giggle in Misheard Song Lyrics: 2013 Edition by Pleated Jeans off YouTube:

What misheard lyric did you think was the funniest? Do you have any misheard lyrics you'd like to share with us?