Rihanna - Talk That Talk: All The Lyrics To Rihanna's New Album

Rihanna's newest album Talk That Talk is out today! Ever since she released her song We Found Love with Calvin Harris (and the accompanying super-awesome-video) fans have been anticipating her sixth studio album with excitement. We've been waiting with baited breath ever since we heard the album snippets from Talk That Talk!

The album features lots of lyrics about love and almost all the tracks wouldn't be out of place on a dance floor. We have all the lyrics for you to start singing along to Talk That Talk so without further ado...

1. You Da One

2. Where Have You Been

3. We Found Love (Feat. Calvin Harris)

4. Talk That Talk (Feat. Jay-Z)

5. Cockiness (Love It)

6. Birthday Cake

7. We All Want Love

8. Drunk On Love

9. Roc Me Out

10. Watch N' Learn

11. Farewell

Deluxe Edition Tracks:

12. Red Lipstick

13. Do Ya Thing

14. Fool In Love

Do you have a favorite track yet? Let us know in the comments!