Rihanna Tweets Drake's 'Nothing Was The Same' Lyrics

Is she just a big fan or is there something going on between them?

In case you hadn't heard, Drake's new album Nothing Was The Same leaked over the past weekend, and it looks like he already has a fan of the lyrics in Rihanna! Sending out four tweets last night that contained Drake's new lyrics, rumors are buzzing: is RiRi just supporting her fellow artist and friend, or is there something more going on between the pair? Check out the tweets below:

Taken from "The Language":

Taken from "Wu-Tang Forever":

Taken from "Own It":

Taken from "Too Much":
If you read the lyrics in order, the lines could be a subtle attempt to flirt with Drake through his own words: or, she could just be tweeting her favorite lyrics from his upcoming album. We're not sure what Rihanna's trying to do, but we have to agree with her...we love those lyrics too!

Drake's album drops a week from today, but since it leaked, hear his emotional standout track "Too Much" below: