RIP Donna Summer; Remembering The Disco Legend With Our Lyric of the Week

Five-time Grammy winner and disco queen Donna Summer passed away this morning and leaves behind a legacy of innovative dance music. She emerged in the music industry when disco was gaining popularity and she became known for her song-bird voice and danceable music.

Her hits "Hot Stuff," "Last Dance," and "Bad Girls" were a few of her most popular songs but even after the disco era she continued to be successful in music. Proving her versatility, Summer received Grammy awards for her music in several categories including R&B, rock, inspirational and dance.

She will forever be remembered as the talented poster-child for disco music. Our lyric of the week from Summer's song "Last Dance" is dedicated to her memory and her ability to make us dance.

"Last dance, last chance for love / Yes, it's my last chance / For romance tonight"

What's your favorite Donna Summer song? Share your memories of the disco legend below...