Listen to Rixton's New Single 'Wait On Me' + Read Along With Their Handwritten Lyrics

The guys gave us a set of handwritten lyrics to celebrate the release of their brand new single

See that image up there? That cheeky grin belongs to Charley Bagnall, guitarist/vocalist of Manchester pop-rockers Rixton, who is holding something that's definitely going to put a smile on your face too. It's a handwritten copy of the lyrics to "Wait On Me," the brand new single from Rixton that just dropped today, and we're bringing you this exclusive look at the handwritten lyrics to the song to celebrate its release.

"Wait On Me" is a song for the ladies about why the right guy is worth waiting for. Why? Well, because he knows "how to love you," wants to "love you some more," and "will never make you feel ignored," all of which are decent enough reasons if you ask me. Read the lyrics below, and be sure to play the audio stream at the bottom of the post to listen as you read along. For extra kicks, take the pre-chorus lyric "Never want to be your ex man," swap in the word "X-Man" and imagine that Rixton are actually mutants.

(Click to enlarge)

Listen to "Wait On Me" below.

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For the full-text lyrics, head to the song's lyric page here.

"Wait on Me" is available on iTunes now. Tell us what you think of "Wait on Me" or share your favorite lyric in the comments below.