Ryan Adams Talks New Album Ashes & Fire

Photo: PAX-AM Records

Ryan Adams lyrics read like stories more than poems, and they tell of the life as a "rambling man" (his words). His newest album Ashes & Fire is also his 13th, and with all the positive early reviews it's getting, we think 13 is his lucky number. 

On the album: "It's about many things; it was written in two cities," explains Adams, "[the lyrics contain] observations from me walking down 3rd Avenue, or walking on the Bowery." In the title track, Ashes & Fire, these New York locations are directly referenced: 

The bums on the Bowery were swallowed in the lights as cars rumbled by in the night / Screaming run for your life

He toured with the album in Europe, taking only his guitar and a suitcase and performing without a band in intimate venues for his fans. "I had this experience in England, and Ireland, and Sweden, and Norway, and even went to Portugal and it was really fantastic," he says. "I played until you couldn't play anymore." His wanderlust and desire to travel is also reflected in his lyrics (again, from Ashes & Fire): 

As he stared past the fire / His hunger to leave well it gnawed his poor heart alive

Although this album may be lucky number 13 for the seasoned singer/songwriter, luck doesn't play a very big part in it. Adams is widely considered to be one of the most talented songwriters of his generation and a poster-child for the Alt Country genre.For the full Ryan Adams interview and a private live set of some of his new songs, check out Streetdate

Ashes & Fire is available on iTunes.