Sam Hunt's "Leave the Night On" Is the Country Anthem Your Summer Deserves

He's written for Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney, but now it's Sam Hunt's time to shine! Get the lyrics to his debut single.

Make note of the name Sam Hunt, because this emerging Nashville-based singer/songwriter is destined for big things. Recently signed to MCA Nashville, 29-year-old Hunt isn't a stranger to the country music biz: he's already got a few hits under his belt with songwriting credits on Keith Urban's "Cop Car," Billy Curington's "We Are Tonight," and Kenny Chesney's "Come Over," and is now launching his solo career in earnest. He just released a brand new single entitled "Leave The Night On," a song about the rush of staying out all night, cruising with the windows down on the open road, wishing the sun would never come up. We're bringing you a look at the lyrics to this country anthem below. Listen along to the song on Spotify while you read or pick it up on iTunes now, and thank us for adding another to your summer playlist later.
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They roll the sidewalks in this town
All up after the sun goes down
They say nothin' good happens here
When midnight rolls around
But layin' down would be in vain
I can't sleep with you on my brain
I ain't anywhere close to tired
Your kiss has got me wired

Girl, you got the beat right
Killin' in your Levis
High on your lovin's
Got me buzzin' like a streetlight
It's still early out in Cali
Baby, don't you wanna rally again
We'll find a road with no name, lay back in the slow lane
The sky is dropping Jupiter around us like some old Train
We'll be rolling down the windows, I bet you we're catchin'
Our second wind
We don't have to go home, we can leave the night on
We can leave the night on

Now all the stars are turnin' blue
Just kissed the clock 2:22
Baby, I know what you're wishin' for
I'm wishin' for it too
Now all the lights are flashin' gold
Nobody cares how fast we go
Our soundtracks in the stereo
The DJ's on a roll

(Repeat Chorus)

The sun'll steal the magic from us soon
So let's take one more trip around the moon

(Repeat Chorus)

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