Santigold Gets Animated in New Video for "Big Mouth"

Remember when we name-dropped Santigold in our Coachella playlist last week? We were DYING for more info on her comeback to pop music, and alas: we have news! Santi played her first live show in a long time in Brooklyn on January 17th, and the reviews of her "comeback show" were glowing. As Street Date mentions in their article, Santigold "owned 2008", and we're kiiind of hoping she owns 2012 as well — four long years later!

Let's focus on the video + lyrics for Santigold's new song "Big Mouth". We see Santi sauntering about an animated world with her hype-girls (kind of a wackier version of "Single Ladies"), probably sending out a message to her haters. The song is very true to Santigold's sound from her first album Santogold, but sounds fresher and even harder with her spewing out "Big mouth, big mouth, why I know you said enough".

Random fact: look out for caricatures of Lady Gaga as a mermaid and Katy Perry on her cloud from her Teenage Dream album in the video. Ouch, Santi — do you think those artist have big mouths or what?

~ A.H.