See All The Lyrics To Karmin's Upcoming Album 'Pulses'

The pop-duo's debut record is out March 25th, but we've got the lyrics on lock!

Last week, we brought you our latest episode of Liner Notes in which pop-duo Karmin sat down to tell us all about the lyrics on their upcoming debut album Pulses (out March 24th). Now, as an additional sneak peek of the album, we're bringing you an advance look at every single lyric on it. There are 13 songs total, so scroll down to the tracklist below and get familiar with all the lyrics before the LP is released next week.

  1. "Geronimo Intro"
  2. "Pulses"
  3. "Acapella"
  4. "I Want It All"
  5. "Night Like This"
  6. "Neon Love"
  7. "Drifter"
  8. "Tidal Wave"
  9. "Gasoline"
  10. "Puppet"
  11. "Hate To Love You"
  12. "Try Me On"
  13. "What's In It For Me"

Revisit our LINER NOTES interview with Karmin below to find out how the pair comes up with their seamless lyric lines, including the album's title track, "Pulses":

Pulses is available for pre-order on iTunes today.

What song are you the most excited to hear off Karmin's Pulses? Tell us in the comments.