See American Young's Handwritten Lyrics To "Love Is War"

See the handwritten lyrics to the country duo's heart-wrenching song, plus get the story behind the lyrics from the band themselves.

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Last week we premiered the lyric video for up-and-coming country twosome American Young's debut single "Love Is War," a song about love's inherent struggle. The heartfelt song, penned by renowned songwriters Kylie Sackley, Jonathan Singleton, and Billy Montana, is a wonderfully crafted country ballad.

To follow up on the premiere, we had the band handwrite out the lyrics to the track for a special piece of "Love Is War" memorabilia. Check out the sheets below and keep reading below for more insight into the lyrics from American Young.



Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone of American Young took the time to answer a few questions about "Love Is War," giving us insight into the message of the song and meaning of the lyrics. Here's what they had to say.

ML: What's the message of the song "Love Is War" truly about?

AY: To us the message the message if "Love Is War" is perseverance. it's not how hard you fall it's about how fast you get up. We think that it's about being committed to something 100%. if you wanna win the war, choose your battles.

ML: Why did you record the song?

AY: We feel that we recorded this song because it honestly touched us. It said something honest, raw and important and that to me is what defines American Young at the core.

ML: Any specific lyrics within the song really strike a chord with you?

AY: To us the lyric sometimes love is a white flag hit home. We felt that some of the magic of love is surrendering to make it succeed instead of always having the need to win. Another lyric is or a pistol in your hand: how many times has love driven someone crazy? We think it's a part of the conversation. Not pretty, not polite but definitely real.

Watch the lyric video for "Love Is War" below:

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