See Frank Turner's My Musical Mind

Get to know the folk/punk singer/songwriter by having a look at his handwritten survey...


At first glance, Frank Turner comes across as an innocent-faced singer/songwriter, but there's much more to the England native than meets the eye. He may be a folk singer, but also has a punk rock background, so he carefully blends the two into his music and it's definitely a unique sound. Releasing his fifth studio album, Tape Deck Heart, in the spring of this year, the record is both charming and jarring, which is why we were an instant fan of Turner as soon as we heard it.

Want to get to know more about this well-rounded songwriter? Take a peek at his handwritten My Musical Mind survey he shared with us. We learned that he was an Iron Maiden fan growing up, he could school anybody on the history of punk music in Jeopardy, and that he can be pretty impatient when he's in the studio:


Watch the music video for "Recovery" by Frank Turner on VEVO below:

Grab Frank's new EP, Losing Days, on iTunes now. What are your thoughts on the singer/songwriter's music?