See Handwritten Lyrics For Every Song From WE ARE TWIN's Debut EP

There's a whole lot of soul to be found in these handwritten lyrics.

image of we are twin

LA based Indie-pop duo WE ARE TWIN is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and producer Nicolas Balachandran and singer/songwriter Gabi Christine. As the story goes, the two met at a songwriting session in 2009 and instantly clicked — songwriting synergy at first sight, you might say. That session birthed an impressive 15 songs, which makes sense given that Gabi describes their creative minds as being "identical."

Today the duo is releasing their debut EP, WE ARE TWIN. The EP includes classic doo-wop and soul inspired sounds with a modern twist. Lead single "The Way We Touch" — which you can hear below — is an upbeat, dance inducing track with a chorus that will stick in your head. If Amy Winehouse and U2 ever spent time together in studio, it might have resulted in a collaboration that sounds a lot like "The Way We Touch."

To commemorate the release of their new EP, WE ARE TWIN took the time to handwrite out the lyrics to every song on it. Check them out below and sing along to the album as you listen.

1. The Way We Touch

The Way We Touch Lyrics

2. Keep On Lovin' You

Keep On Lovin Lyrics

3. True Love

True Love Lyrics

4. Cold Stone Lips

Cold Stone Lips Lyrics

5. Don't Tell Your Parents

Don't Tell Your Parents Lyrics

WE ARE TWIN's self-titled debut EP is available now on iTunes. Stream album highlight "The Way We Touch" below, a song chosen as iTunes Single of the Week.

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