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Self-proclaimed as "The hardest hitting keyboard duo you'll ever see", Isle of Rhodes' Robert Farren and Colin Behram make up the up-and-coming twosome that are reminiscent of acts like The Shins and Radiohead. Their new self-titled EP is out on iTunes now, and one of the EP's strongest songs, "Shoulders", has been written out for us by the band themselves. See the handwritten lyrics to the single below, as well as a quote from Isle of Rhodes' frontman Rob:

"'Shoulders' was written in a period of introspection for me. I was no longer in my young twenties, and I began to grasp that I hadn't done much in my life yet. Time has a funny way of creeping up on you, and before you know it, five years have passed, and you begin asking yourself "what have I been doing?" The song sprung out of frustration that we work so hard, but don't always leave a mark. However, the saving grace is that we get to share our lives and our 'time' with people we love. I imagined being older with my wife, having lived a tough long life, and feeling a sense of accomplishment. However, the accomplishment is somewhat melancholic because our shared time is destined to end. So, we must make the most of it, and strive to give meaning to our special ephemeral moment." — Rob Farren


Shoulders Lyrics from Isle of Rhodes


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