See Jillette Johnson's Handwritten Lyrics From Her New EP 'Whiskey & Frosting'

Jillette Johnson has always known that her future was in music, "I was convinced by the age of 4 I was going to be a rock star," she says. Since then she's taken piano lessons, written pages and pages of her own songs and gotten signed to a record label, Wind-up Records.

If you want an idea of the lyrical content of Johnson's songs, look no further than the title of her debut EP Whiskey & Frosting which is released today. The record title mirrors her love of complexity in her songwriting as she loves to combine sweet, sentimental elements with dark and painful topics. Johnson says her writing influences include the greats like Joni Mitchell and Carole King, "Joni said so much with quirky lyrics, Carole had a way of simplifying—those two parallels formed me as a lyricist."

To coincide with the release of Jillette Johnson's debut 5-track EP Whiskey & Frosting, the singer-songwriter gave us the world premiere of her lyrics — in handwritten form!

Also be sure to check out the trailer for her beautiful, moody song "Pauvre Coeur":

Whiskey & Frosting is available now on iTunes! You can find more of Jillette Johnson on her website.

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