See Jillette Johnson's Handwritten Lyrics To "Cameron"

See the lyrics to Jillette's new song with a powerful anti-bullying message.

image of jillette johnson

We're big fans of singer/songwriter Jillette Johnson — we've featured both her handwritten lyrics and an interactive lyrics sheet before — but this handwritten lyric sheet to "Cameron" is probably the most powerful lyrical content we've featured from Jillette yet. Written about a young person struggling with their identity, "Cameron" is a touching song that will hopefully remind others that it's OK to be who you are and nobody deserves to be judged for it.

Check out the handwritten lyrics to "Cameron" from Jillette herself below:

Cameron Lyrics

Be sure to head to Jillette's website and use the awesome interactive lyric share feature to share your favorite lyric from "Cameron", and watch the new music video for the song right here: