Witness A Party Through Nina Nesbitt's Eyes In Her Handwritten 'Stay Out' Lyrics

Sometimes it's best to be a fly on the wall.

I mean it's no Google Glass, but Nina Nesbitt's handwritten lyrics to "Stay Out" might be the next best way to witness a party through her eyes. The singer-songwriter's new song is written from Nina's point-of-view as a fly on the wall at a party, and she hand wrote out the lyrics to it for us. Journey with Nina through the party as she encounters things like someone dressed for the beach despite it being hella cold outside, a fight between two friends, one of whom has a peace signed tattooed on her hand (um?), and the guy who wears a Rolling Stone's t-shirt despite only knowing one song. Read them in full below.

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Check out the music video for Nina's "Stay Out" off VEVO:

Nina Nesbitt's US-released self-titled EP is out today! Pick it up on iTunes, and support her on social media by liking her on Facebook, and following her on Twitter and Instagram.

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