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Composer/performer Ólafur Arnalds was born in the suburban Icelandic town of Mosfellsbær, and when you listen to his ethereal, pulsing music, you can hear the influence of his unique hometown. But before he started making this current style of music, Arnalds was a drummer in several metal bands. Rock on!

His new album, For Now I Am Winter, was released in February 2013 and features a full orchestra. But what makes this album so iconic for Ólafur is that it is his first to include lyrics, courtesy of Icelandic singer Arnór Dan. We're definitely happy he warmed up to the idea of lyrics!

Take a peek inside the Musical Mind of Ólafur Arnalds:

My Musical Mind Olafur Arnalds

Watch the music video for "Old Skin" featuring Arnór on VEVO below: