See The Handwritten Lyrics To Madison Beer's "Melodies"

Justin Bieber gives her the seal of approval: check out the pop singer's cute handwritten lyrics!

We first got to know Madison Beer when she shared her My Musical Mind survey with us, which helped us learn that she's a Rihanna fan and needs nothing but positive energy while in the recording studio. Discovered by Schoolboy Records, which is famously run by Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun, Madison is on her way to becoming the next young superstar, and today she's letting us have a look at the handwritten lyrics to her hit single "Melodies".

We're loving the lyrics to this song, comparing the person you like to having a song in your head and seeing music everywhere. Check out Madison Beer's handwritten lyrics to "Melodies" below:

Watch the music video for "Melodies" (with a Bieber cameo!) on VEVO below:

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