See The Just-Released Artwork For Rihanna's "Stay" And "Pour It Up" Singles

As a fan of instagram, it only makes sense that Rihanna would make her newest single covers lo-fi and gritty, seemingly inspired by the Instagram aesthetic. We've been wondering when she'd announce the next new single from Unapologetic and it looks like she has! The artwork for "Stay" and the other upcoming single "Pour It Up" were released this week:

"Stay" is an obvious choice for next single because it was debuted by Riri on SNL and gained lots of buzz afterwards. It's a beautiful, slow ballad. See her perform it live from New York:

"Pour It Up" is in the total opposite direction of "Stay." It's a fast-paced party song:

Which upcoming single do you like the best? What do you think of the artwork? Tell us in the comments!