See The Lyrics To Three Yet-To-Be Release Enrique Songs!

More songs from the singer's upcoming album.

Today is Wednesday, which means, friends, that it's day two of our Enrique Iglesias Sex+Love lyric reveal. Yesterday we showed you these awesome lyric sheets for seven songs that you've already heard from the album. And today, we're revealing the lyrics to three more songs, all of which you're still waiting to hear. These ones have cool lyric sheets, too! Check it out.

Here's one for the song "Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte":

And here's one that goes out to the ladies, like so many Enrique songs do, fittingly titled "Only A Woman":

And here are the lyrics to "You and I," a song that sees Enrique in full heartthrob-romantic mode.

And that's not all! Be sure to come back for tomorrow's extra special final day of our three-part reveal. At 11 AM EST time, both Enrique and MetroLyrics will be choosing fans on Twitter to premiere the remaining lyrics to the album. All you've gotta do is log on at that time and Tweet @enrique305 & @metrolyrics with the hashtag #SEXANDLOVELYRICS, and you'll have a chance to reveal the lyrics yourself. We'll see you tomorrow!

Watch the video for Enrique's song "I'm A Freak" below:

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