See The Villains' Handwritten Lyrics To "(My) Rainy Day Girl"

Plus, get the backstory behind the band's lyrics from songwriter Dan Call himself!

Image of the band The Villains

You might hear a band name like The Villains and assume they makes dark, ominous music, but when it comes to this upbeat adult-pop/rock group, it's the complete opposite. Back with a new album, Velocity, The Villains were kind enough to give us the handwritten lyrics to their single "(My) Rainy Day Girl". Dan Call, bassist and songwriter for the band, had this to say about the tune:

"'(My) Rainy Day Girl' was sent to me as a demo from our producer on Velocity, Stan Lynch. I checked it out and dug the vibe. To work for The Villains, though, I knew I'd have to do some re-writing on lyrics, bridge, chords, etc. and the other writers agreed. Only later did I find out the other writers besides Stan were Tom Douglas and Josh Leo, two top tier Nashville songwriters! Lol! Turned out great in the end and all were pleased, thankfully.

The thing I love about the song most is that everyone, male or female can relate to it. They've either met the girl in the story or been her. It's about that chance meeting that happens once in a lifetime, lasts for just a little while but leaves behind a memory you never forget. Also the longing for it to happen again. Does our character ever meet his Rainy Day Girl again? If he did, would it live up to his memory? Who knows. The bigger question is, is seeing her again better than savoring the bittersweet memory of a short but life changing time?"


Watch the music video for "Rainy Day Girl" below:

The band's new album Velocity is available on iTunes now.