See The World From Britney Spears' Eyes In "Perfume" Lyric Video

Our new favorite Britney song has us getting ready in a hotel room from her perspective in its lyric vid!

Ever wanted to take a look into a typical night on the road in Britney Spears' world? The pop diva's latest lyric video for her single "Perfume" (which we premiered the lyrics to) shows her in a hotel room in her eyes, rummaging through her room to find her scent to spritz on. After all, how else is she going to "mark her territory"?

The Britney Jean single has BritBrit wondering: "Do I imagine it, or do I see your stare / Is there still longing there?" as she ponders whether or not her boyfriend is still seeing his ex. Which is why she has to perfume herself up and make sure it gets all over her never know if his previous girlfriend is still hanging around, and she needs to be put in her place!

Watch the lyric video for "Perfume" on VEVO below:

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