See Tristan Prettyman's Handwritten Lyrics For Her Sassy Track "The Rebound"

Singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman is extremely versatile. She can write and perform sad songs, angry songs, inspirational songs, and funny songs. In the funny category, we have her song "The Rebound," from her latest album Cedar + Gold. It's an amusing little ditty about meeting somebody you find attractive at the supermarket (of all places!) that's filled with double-entendres and little jokes. Luckily for us, Tristan shared the handwritten lyrics to the song! See them below and don't miss the part where she signs off with "Lotsa love, bananas & hot shopping!"

Watch the 'Rebound' lyric video below, which includes probably as much innuendo as you'd expect:

Tristan Prettyman - "The Rebound" Lyric Video from Capitol Records on Vimeo.

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