See Vicci Martinez's "Let Go" Handwritten Lyrics

Grab your tissues — this one's a bit of a tearjerker.

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"This is a song about my father," says Vicci Martinez when describing her song "Let Go," a stand out track from her latest album Vicci.  Even before she gives us that context though, it's clear this song has particular importance to her. Here's Vicci, in her own words, on what inspired the lyrics:

"Right when someone dies, there is a lot of sadness, and you can live in it for a long time, some people live there forever.  But there comes a point to let go of that sadness and embrace the fact that I'm living here without my father. At the same time, you never let go because he is always a part of me.   What I wanted to do was let go of the pain so I could remember the love.  My manager shared her motto in life, something she believes and lives by that has helped her through the tough times.  'Live for them, don't die with them.'  For everyone that leaves us, we have a responsibility to live harder and live for them."

Powerful lyrics like these are perfect for a handwritten lyrics feature, so we're super excited that Vicci took the time to handwrite out "Let Go," adding in a couple specific annotations for good measure, creating the perfect personal accompaniment to what's already a very personal song. Have a look at the lyrics below and be sure to watch the interview at the bottom to hear Vicci explain the song's meaning in more detail as well as perform it live.


Let Go Lyrics Vicci Martinez Handwritten


Watch the video below to hear Vicci explain the inspiration behind "Let Go" and perform the song live:

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