See What Songs Make Up Nina Nesbitt's EP (PREMIERE)

The up-and-coming Scottish (and Swedish!) singer/songwriter is premiering the track list to her forthcoming EP exclusively with us!

If you're a typical teenager trying to grow up in today's world, 19-year-old Nina Nesbitt feels you and channels your teenage hopes and dreams into her songwriting. The half Scottish, half Swedish up-and-comer was discovered by fellow UK artist Ed Sheeran at the age of 16, and after winning the title Singer/Songwriter New Artist of the Year in 2012 by iTunes, is poised for big things. She's already made it big across the pond, dropping her debut LP Peroxide last month, but to introduce her music to those of us in the Western hemisphere, she's releasing her Nina Nesbitt EP on April 1st, 2014.

We're premiering the tracklist for Nina's upcoming EP, and that's not all: she hand-picked her favorite lyric line from each song just for us! From heartbreak to curiosity to just feeling totally lost, Nina's got a song for all the emotions that come with being a teenager, so take a look at the songs that make up her first North American release (as well as the lyrics she loves most):

1. Stay Out
"He's got a Rolling Stones T, but he only knows one song They think they're from the 60s, but they were born in 1991..."

2. The Apple Tree
"Let's go down to the Apple tree as naive as Adam and Eve..."

3. Boy
"I let you walk all over me, leave your footprints on my heart..."

4. Just Before Goodbye
"Have we been seeing the world through a piece of shattered glass? Something so beautiful can fall apart so fast..."

5. Statues
"You're just a statue of the boy I used to know, you're just a tattoo of the words that we once spoke..."

6. Way In The World
"Do you ever wonder where your dreams go?"

Check out the music video for her modern-day self-esteem anthem, "Selfies", right here off VEVO:

Nina Nesbitt's upcoming EP will be available Tuesday, April 1st to download off iTunes. Keep up with her on social media by liking her on Facebook, and following her on Twitter and Instagram.

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