Selena Gomez's Best Lyrics From "Stars Dance"

What lyrics are your favorite from Selena's new album? Here's ours...


Today's the day that Selena Gomez's solo debut album Stars Dance drops, and we're not gonna lie: we've probably listened to it at least a dozen times by now. We're not sure what it is about Ms. Gomez's music, but the catchy beats and lyrics about falling in love, falling out of it, and having fun all at the same time just scream summertime to us. We've compiled all the tracks from SeSe's new album and the best lyrics from it, so have a peek and see if you agree with us...

1. Birthday

"Every night's my birthday / They don't know, so it's okay / Tell 'em that is my birthday / When I party like that..."

2. Slow Down

"I just wanna feel your body right next to mine / All night long / Baby, slow down the song / And when it's coming closer to the end hit rewind / All night long..."

3. Stars Dance

"I can make the stars dance / Light up the moon, I can make the stars dance / If you want me to..."

4. Like A Champion

"Stand up let 'em know that you shine bright / Throw down let 'em know that you got right / Walk like a champion, walk like a champion..."

5. Come & Get It

"This love will be the death of me, but I know I'll die happily..."

6. Forget Forever

"Forget forever, forget forever / Forget you ever knew my name..."

7. Save The Day

"Just tell me it's not over / And we'll never reach the end / But when the night starts slipping away / Save the day..."

8. B.E.A.T.

"It's a big bad world but I aint ashamed to like the lights in my hand / And the beat in my face..."

9. Write Your Name

"Permanent, leave your scar / When you're gone, you'll never far / Write your name, then write your name..."

10. Undercover

"You don't need no other lover, we can keep it undercover..."

11. Love Will Remember

"Boom gone, yeah we move on / Even if we try to forget / Love will remember you / And love will remember me..."

12. Nobody Does It Like You

"You're my bad boy fairytale / My rebel with a halo / You hit me like a hurricane / And I can never say no..."

13. Music Feels Better

"And with you the music is better / Just want us to be together, 24/7 / And now that the color's brighter / Cause you set me up on fire..."

What lyrics do you love the most from Selena Gomez's Stars Dance? Let us know in the comments...