Journey Through Outer Space In Seven Lions "Strangers" Lyric Video

We're premiering the lyric video to the EDM artist's latest single: get ready to count some stars!

California producer Jeff Montalvo goes by the moniker Seven Lions and has been serving us up a unique blend of pop, trance, and dubstep sounds since his first EP, Days To Come, in 2012. His new single, "Strangers," with Myon & Shane 54 and featuring vocalist Tove Lo, is here and it might just be his catchiest song to date. "And without you I can't be / You're the universe to me / You're the air in my lungs / You're the fields where I run / You're the sky where I'm floating," sings Tove Lo on the chorus. You know when you break up with your ex and suddenly you don't even acknowledge each other on the street? That's what Seven Lions' "Strangers" is all about.

We're premiering the lyric video for the forlorn EDM track, which takes you on a journey through the cosmos as lyrics flash across the sky. Bonus points if you can spot any constellations. Check the premiere of Seven Lions' "Strangers" lyric vid below:

Pick up Seven Lions' "Strangers" with Myon & Shane 54 ft. Tove Lo off iTunes today.

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