Breaking Down The Lyrics To Shakira & Rihanna's New Hit

The pop powerhouses both agree that old habits die hard: see why they can't let go of a former flame.

The highly-anticipated collaboration between some of pop's biggest powerhouses, Shakira ft. Rihanna, dropped today, and the result is another song about old relationship habits dying hard. "Can't Remember To Forget You" -- the title is great wordplay, by the way -- has Shakira & RiRi waxing poetic about a lover who they refuse to remember the negatives about, solely the positive. Let's break down the lyrics, shall we?

I left a note on my bedpost
Said not to repeat yesterday's mistakes
What I tend to do when it comes to you
I see only the good, selective memory

Pretty straightforward: Shakira has to remind herself to not fall into her past relationship mistakes. But it's hard to not want to go back to this guy she's clearly not over, because the good memories she made with him seem to be outweighing the bad. Gurl, get it together!

The way he makes me feel yeah, gotta hold on me
I've never met someone so different
Oh here we go
He a part of me now, he a part of me
So where you go I follow

She lists everything about him that keeps her coming back to their time together: he's still got a hold on her, despite the fact that they're no longer together. Come on, Shakira...remember to forget him, already!

I can't remember to forget you
I keep forgetting I should let you go
But when you look at me, the only memory, is us kissing in the moonlight
I can't remember to forget you

It's the classic tale of trying to get rid of the memories of a past love, but the special moments you shared are just too good, so it's almost impossible to forget them. Oh, Shakira!

I go back again
Fall off the train
Land in his bed
Repeat yesterday's mistakes
What I'm trying to say is not to forget
You see only the good, selective memory

Now Rihanna chimes in, bringing the story to a scandalous climax: she fell off the wagon and ended up in the disastrous ex's bed! Gasp! RiRi, how could you? We thought you were better than this...

I rob and I kill to keep him with me
I do anything for that boy
I'd give my last dime to hold him tonight
I do anything for that boy

Both sing at this bridge part about how, well, they'd pretty much humiliate themselves and potentially get arrested to keep this guy at their side. As much as it pains us to say, haven't we all felt this way before?

Listen to the audio for Shakira ft. Rihanna's "Can't Remember To Forget You" on VEVO below, and share your favorite line from the song with us in the comments:

"Can't Remember To Forget You" is available on iTunes now.