Shakira Shines Light on Importance of Children's Education

The Latin songstress was featured on CBS Sunday Morning to discuss her Barefoot Foundation in her home country of Columbia.

Shakira isn't just a pop singer who churns out hit after hit: the superstar is also a songwriter, dancer, producer, and a mother to boot. Now that she has a little one of her own to look after, the importance of her son getting a proper education means everything to her, especially because of Barefoot Foundation, the non-profit organization whose goal is to make education universally accessible to children.
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Interviewed by Lee Cowan for CBS Sunday Morning, Shakira visited the newest school opened up in her native country of Columbia that will soon be turned into a community centre as well. She passionately states that "education is not a luxury", and discusses the positive aspects of having a "safe haven" for children in the town of Cartagena. Watch the video below to see Shakira tour the new school and talk about kids (they are the future, after all):

To see more videos from Shakira's session with CBS Sunday Morning, just go here and here.

Shakira's eponymous new album drops tomorrow worldwide (March 25th). Got a favorite song by the superstar? Share it with us in the comments.