Sky Ferreira Is Myspace Music's OneTwoWatch

Twenty-year-old Sky Ferreira has been under the radar for six years, and finally it's the singer's time to shine. Known also for her fashion sense and modelling work, Sky is now being renowned for her mature vocals and unique songwriting style, which she opens up about in Myspace Music's OneTwoWatch interview above. With her new EP out, entitled Ghost, she explains that her songwriting really depends on the moment. She'll think of a sentence out of nowhere, for example, and put them together with other strings of words that she's randomly thought of. Sky also visually pictures her lyrics when she writes them, she says, as if it's a movie!

We love how in the video interview, they film her at a tarot card reading, which tells us so much about the young singer. According to the reader, she holds a secret close to her heart, and is currently in the process of changing her way of thinking. She's also a fan of Fiona Apple, who has most likely had a grand influence on Sky's musical style. Knowing she was going to be a singer her whole life, Sky was discovered on Myspace (who are now interviewing her!), and we can tell she's on the road to being a super star.

Watch the video above and tell us what you think of Sky Ferreira!