Skylar Grey, Austin Mahone & Ludacris Make Our Trending Tuesday Cut

What new songs are we playing this week? Share your picks with us as well!

Welcome to Trending Tuesday, y'all! It's Tuesday, February 4th, and we're comin' at ya with our top 10 picks of the best new songs we're jamming to this week. It's the fifth instalment of our latest series and we're feeling five and alive with this fresh crop of sweet song picks, including a rehashed hit from one of our favorite pop songwriters, a silly from a teenaged singer featuring a Latin superstar, and the latest party jam from a comeback rapper. Count down with us!

10. ceo - Mirage

Why it's trending: As one-half of Swedish alt-electro-pop act The Tough Alliance, ceo is back with his second solo effort Wonderland and it's kind of like a mix of MGMT and The Presets. We love "Mirage" from his latest record because it's got the bones to be a successful pop jam.

Best lyric line: "When you see love, I see a mirage / You sway, roll about / We're too young to rush..."

9. Eric Paslay - Song About A Girl

Why it's trending: Country newcomer Eric Paslay just dropped his debut self-titled LP, and we're proud to say we premiered each and every lyric off the new record. We're loving the lyrics off "Song About A Girl" because it's essentially poking fun at every country song, ever: driving trucks, drinking Jack Daniels, and gathering around the fire.

Best lyric line: "It's a song about a girl / The one you can't forget / Ah, blows your mind every time / You think it's gonna be a hit..."

8. Afrojack - Ten Feet Tall (ft. Wrabel)

Why it's trending: DJ/producer Afrojack has a new single under his belt, and it's sure to make you feel like you're 10 feet tall. Featuring singer Wrabel, it's an uplifiting track about feeling out of place because, well, you're above everybody else!

Best lyric line: "I'm clumsy / And my head's a mess / Cause you got me growing taller everyday / We're giants in a little man's world... "

7. Beck - Waking Light

Why it's trending: Sigh, oh Beck. How we love you so. Dropping his upcoming record Morning Phase in just a matter of weeks, the elusive singer/songwriter has just put out another teaser track from the record, and it's another gorgeous, self-reflecting, pensive ballad from the alternative noisemaker. It's currently on repeat!

Best lyric line: "When the memory leaves you / Somewhere you can't make it home / When the morning comes to meet you / Lay me down in waking light..."

6. Phantogram - Bill Murray

Why it's trending: Who doesn't love Bill Murray? Electro duo Phantogram dare to ask the question with their latest single off Voices, which drops February 18th. Why was the track named after the famous actor if his name isn't anywhere in the lyrics? The band were kind of hoping he's find out about the title and star in the song's music video. Good luck, Phantogram!

Best lyric line: "Can you keep me alive / Wave goodbye to the family and friends / Those lost ends..."

5. Broken Bells - Leave It Alone

Why it's trending: Broken Bells are back with their sophomore release After The Disco, and it's a lot more ambitious than their first record they dropped together a few years back. We're loving the space-age theme the unlikely duo is going with, and the genuine concern in James Mercer's vocals in "Leave It Alone" makes this song one of our faves off the record.

Best lyric line: "How you got it in your head / That you can make it on your own / You were sheltered, loved and fed / But you just couldn't leave it alone..."

4. Ludacris - Party Girls (ft. Cashmere Cat, Jeremih & Wiz Khalifa)

Why it's trending: We'd have to say that the latest single from Ludacris would be nothing without the chorus sung by Jeremih. Borrowing Aqua's famous "Barbie Girl" lyrics, but putting a rather NSFW spin on the words. You'll have to listen to them for yourself.

Best lyric line: "I came to party like tonight will never end / Let's party again..."

3. Katy B - Crying For No Reason

Why it's trending: English singer/songwriter Katy B has returned with her second album Little Red, due next week, and she really knows how to marry the electro genre with tender songwriting. Case in point: the saddening-yet-danceable track "Crying For No Reason", which leaves us tear-ridden but also in the mood to groove.

Best lyric line: "Crying for no reason 'cause I buried it deep / I made promises I could not keep / 'Cause I never faced all the pain I caused / Now the pain is hitting me full force..."

2. Austin Mahone - Mmm Yeah (ft. Pitbull)

Why it's trending: Austin Mahone's hit the jackpot in his new single, and it's simply because we get a verse of Mr. Worldwide thrown into his carefree track. Adding Pitbull to your song is a definite way of scoring a hit, so way to go Team Mahone!

Best lyric line: "I asked her name but she turned away / As she walked all that I could say was / Mmm mmm yeah yeah..."

1. Skylar Grey - Coming Home - Part II

Why it's trending: Ah, the influence of the Super Bowl. The infamous sporting event took place this past weekend, and in a commercial aired during the big event, Skylar's "Coming Home - Part II" played in the background. The song has now totally resurfaced, and even though it isn't new or anything, we still love it so.

Best lyric line: "Tell the world I'm coming home / Let the rain wash away / All the pain of yesterday / I know my kingdom awaits / And they've forgiven my mistakes..."

- - -

Stick around for the next edition of Trending Tuesdays the following week. What has been your most-played track recently?