Song Of The Summer 2011: We Have A Winner!

As you may remember, last week we gathered our Top 4 songs of the summer and left it up to you guys to vote for #1. It was a close race but the winner was *drumroll*...Katy Perry's Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)! Considering this song has an infectious melody and made it to the top of the charts this summer (tying Michael Jackson's record) we're not too surprised. But what is it about these lyrics that has people so into the song? Let's analyze...

When you think of a summer anthem, a few key words come to mind: partying, dancing, fun, etc. Past songs of the summer can back us up on that like Black Eyed Peas infectious I Gotta Feeling and last year's care-free California Gurls (another Katy Perry track, go figure!). It's pretty obvious why these songs are a hit; they're extremely catchy and they have fun upbeat lyrics. But what makes us so appreciative of happy-go-lucky tunes during the summer months?

Our theory is that after working so hard all year to get good grades, ace exams, and score scholarships, people crave some instant gratification in the form of, what else, having fun! The whole year we're working for the weekend and looking ahead to our future to motivate ourselves into succeeding, that once summer rolls around, we're all too happy to live in the moment.

It's a blacked out blur / But I'm pretty sure it ruled, damn!
Katy's saying that she basically doesn't even remember what happened the night before but then:
This Friday night, do it all again
She wants to do it again! The summer is such a welcome break from responsibility and homework (lets face it, the only real responsibility a student has on summer break is making it to their lifeguarding job on time) that partying, having fun, and living for today is all we wanna do!

The lyrics to Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) aren't exactly deep, but they're fun! You don't need to be in Literature class to analyze them (in fact you barely need to analyze them at all) but that's what summer is all about anyway. We'll miss you, August!