Which of These 11 Songs Will Be The Song of the Summer?

Let our official preview help you decide.

The Song of the Summer: that one quintessential tune that arrives right on time every year and seems to follow you wherever you go. It's on the radio, on TV, blasting out car windows, and hanging around every corner. Last year, "Blurred Lines" was that song (though "Get Lucky" gave it a run for its money), managing to find its way to our collective eardrums at every chance. But now another summer approaches and we're left to wonder: what will this year's song be? Good news though, MetroLyrics' handy Song of the Summer preview is here to help you with your predictions.
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We've narrowed the field down to 10 11 songs that we think stand the best shot and are breaking them down according to three categories: why the song deserves to be a candidate, what factors are working against it, and a rating system ranging from 1 to 5 suns, because what other symbol would we use to grade these songs? Once you've had a look through our picks, vote in the poll at the bottom for the song you want to win, and help us to determine the ULTIMATE summer 2014 jam.

Throw on your shades, turn up the radio, and prepare for your eardrums to get a suntan, because our Song Of The Summer preview starts now.

1. Fancy - Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX

Why it could be the SOTS: Everybody needs a luxed-out summer jam during the warmer months, and Iggy and Charli's jam check all the luxury boxes. Lots and lots of gold? Check. Luxury watches? Check. Cup of Ace, cup of Goose, cup of Cris? Check, check, check! The fact that Charli XCX sings the song's hook works in its favor too. Charli also belted out the chorus on Icona Pop's 2013 song of the summer contender "I Love It," so she's no rookie here.

What's working against it?: Let's be honest, there isn't much working against this song. It's catapulting up the charts and showing no sign of stopping. If we had to pick one thing working against it its that it doesn't exactly have the sunny vibes that other songs on this list do, but that's being nitpicky at best. "Fancy" is a frontrunner, hands down.

Odds of taking the title: ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀

2. Problem - Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea

Why it could be the SOTS: Upon first listen, we knew "Problem" was a certified hit. For one thing, the song's sax loop is absolutely bananas — a winning formula these days. It also features a verse from the red-hot Iggy Azalea, which by the way is totally fire (Iggy Iggy / Too biggie to be here stressin' / I'm thinkin' I love the thought of you / More than I love your presence). But best of all are Ariana Grande's amazing vocals, which will surely continue to draw Mariah Carey comparisons for the young pop-star. Every summertime playlist deserves a light-hearted kiss-off jam like "Problem," don't you think?

What's working against it?: Truthfully, the only way anyone could dislike this song is if he or she has a saxophone allergy.

Odds of taking the title: ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀

3. I Will Never Let You Down - Rita Ora

Why it could be the SOTS: This breezy, light-hearted single off Rita Ora's upcoming LP is totally 80s, and totally ~summertime~. It's got a big, bright chorus — "When you say you've had enough / And you might just give it up / Oh, oh / I will never let you down" — and just happens to be perfect song to dedicate to a summer fling.

What's working against it?: The sassy pop songstress is still looking for chart topper in North America, and this could be the song. But it's one thing to have a certified hit and another altogether to have the official SOTS.

Odds of taking the title: ☀☀☀½ ☼ ☼

4. Chandelier - Sia

Why it could be the SOTS: It's probably the darkest candidate for Song Of The Summer out of all our picks, but even so, Sia's "Chandelier," off her new album 1000 Forms Of Fear, is burning up the charts. We're not surprised -- Sia's a major pop songwriter for acts like Beyonce and Rihanna, so she knows a thing or two about penning a relatable song.

What's working against it?: "Chandelier" is a beautiful track, but it isn't dripping with sweet, sticky melodies that remind us of a hot summer day.

Odds of taking the title: ☀ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

5. Dare (La La La) - Shakira

Why it could be the SOTS: We're already planning to take to the dance floor this summer and request "Dare (La La La)" to the DJ. The song's booming chorus — LA LA LA — makes for the perfect sing along with buds in the heat of the night.

What's working against it?: We love "Dare," but Shakira's last single "Can't Remember To Forget You" seems like the better fit for the easy-going for the dog days of summer. If only it was released closer to the hotter months!

Odds of taking the title: ☀ ☀ ☼ ☼ ☼

6. A Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay

Why it could be the SOTS: It goes without saying that if Avicii produces your track, it's going to be a dance-floor smash. Coldplay's past experimentation with electronic music is rather brief, but with the mega-producer Avicii behind their piano-banger "A Sky Full Of Stars," the song will soundtrack pool parties and beach bonfires quite nicely.

What's working against it?: It's still to be seen whether or not this departure from Coldplay's traditional sound will be embraced by die-hard fans, and the success of this song starts with them.

Odds of taking the title: ☀ ☀ ☀½ ☼ ☼

7. She Looks So Perfect - 5 Seconds Of Summer

Why it could be the SOTS: The boys in 5 Seconds Of Summer haven't even released their debut album yet, but with a staggering fan-base supporting them (thanks in part to their One Direction opening tour slot), "She Looks So Perfect" seems crafted to be the song of the summer, and that's even before taking into consideration their band name!

What's working against it?: As much as we love a good pop-rock smash dedicated to the ladies, this kind of music really only targets one fan group: teenage girls. The SOTS should maybe be a little more universally-appealing, right?

Odds of taking the title: ☀ ☀½ ☼ ☼ ☼

8. Wiggle - Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg

Why it could be the SOTS: Jason Derulo's latest jam is basically blowing up Vine right now, and we can see why -- everybody knows how to wiggle it! Needless to say, we can see this song "wiggling" its way all the way to the top of the summer smash list.

What's working against it?: This might sound counterintuitive, but if there's one thing that could take this song out of the running it's overexposure. A person can only put up with so many 6-second Vine loops of a song for before it starts to get stale.

Odds of taking the title: ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☼

9. Summer - Calvin Harris

Why it could be the SOTS: Okay, we see what you're doing here, Calvin. Naming your song "Summer" is a quick way to get it on our Song of the Summer radar, yes, but it still has to measure up to the high standards of our ears. The good news is that it does. "Summer" continues Calvin's golden touch for crafting hits, and with lyrics like, "When I met you in the summer / To my heartbeat sound / We fell in love," how could it NOT be a SOTS frontrunner?

Reasons against winning: This song is great and all if you have a summer love, but if you're lacking in the romance department, "Summer" might be a big slap in your face (or ears for that matter).

Odds of taking the title: ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀½ ☼

10. Birthday - Katy Perry

Why it could be the SOTS: Katy Perry's "Birthday" sounds like it was made specifically for riding around in a convertible on a hot summer day, all the while feeling as though it's "your birthday everyday." What's a better scenario than that?

Reasons against winning: We adore blasting "Birthday" and all, but does it have the gusto that her other happy-go-lucky singles have, like "California Gurls" or "Last Friday Night"? We'll have to wait and see.

Odds of taking the title: ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☼

11. Pills N Potions - Nicki Minaj

Why it could be the SOTS: Nicki Minaj's new song "Pills N Potions", produced by pop genius Dr. Luke, has a much more pop-friendly sound than her string of recent releases. The piano-driven rap-ballad has a certain Pink Friday vibe to it, and I mean that in the best possible way. Releasing the song right before Memorial Day weekend means fans will have plenty of spare time to soak it in this weekend.

Reasons against winning: It's no banger like "Superbass" or anything, but Nicki's fans the Barbz will definitely see to it that her latest single becomes a hit.

Odds of taking the title: ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☼