Song To Watch: M83 - Midnight City

Talk about a whimsical tune! Since M83's single 'Midnight City' came out, it has been the soundtrack to our dreams. M83 is a french synth pop act by musician Anthony Gonzalez. 

'Midnight City' sounds like a melodic rocket taking off into the prettiest galaxy you've ever seen (which is fitting, since M83 is named after a galaxy called Messier 83). It's the perfect song to listen to while stargazing with your closest friends but its upbeat tempo also makes it fun and danceable.

Mostly, M83 has gone under the radar as far as the charts go (even though the act is a music-blog favorite) but with this new song and album entitled Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, our friends at KROQ radio have seen it surge in popularity on their airwaves. Why don't you see for yourself? Here's the mesmerizing video for M83's 'Midnight City'.