Soul-Rappers Chiddy Bang Get Lyrical On "Breakfast"

You might remember the YouTube video of rap duo Chiddy Bang spoofing MGMT with their song "Opposite Of Adults" from almost three years ago, but the MCs have come a lot farther than parodies.

Hailing from Philadelphia, the duo (Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege and Noah "Xaphoon" Jones Beresin) aren't just a rap group: they incorporate sounds of pop, soul, indie rock, and even a little bit of electro. Lyrically, the pair has grown up from spoofing to spitting mad rhymes, as shown in their song "Mind Your Manners":

You gotta gamble in this life Charles Barkley
I'm over protected, through the dopest of methods
Now like over perfected this is audio breakfast
Yes so tell a hater here's the slammer
I know they hating on us but mind your manners

With their first full-length album Breakfast available for download,  the guys still have a little humor left in them, but polish themselves up musically and lyrically. Their video for "Ray Charles" has clocked in over 2 million YouTube views already — check it out here:

I got my black shades on, smokin' 'til it's numb
Head to he sky, feelin' so on
Ray Charles, I'm-I'm Ray Charles
Ray Charles, I'm-I'm Ray Charles

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