Stream Daft Punk's Spotify Playlist + Get The Lyrics

We have all the lyrics to every song Daft Punk curated on their Spotify playlist!


Daft Punk member Thomas Bangalter took to the electronic duo's Spotify profile and curated a 20-song playlist, which not only includes their influencers in music, but their peers as well. Considered to be some of the world's best musicians, if there's any playlist we're going to listen to, it's definitely going to be by Daft Punk! From their Random Access Memories collaborators like Giorgio Moroder and Panda Bear to their peers like Phoenix and MGMT, the playlist shows off what the twosome is listening to right now as well as paying homage to their friends. Listen to the playlist on Spotify below and get the lyrics:

Chic - "Good Times"
Phoenix - "The Real Thing"
The Strokes - "Tap Out"
Carly Simon - "Why"
Animal Collective - "My Girls"
MGMT - "Electric Feel"
Giorgio Moroder - "Tears"
Jai Paul - "Jasmine"
Giorgio Moroder - "Chase"
Chilly Gonzales - "Knight Moves"
NERD - "Hypnotize U"
Sister Sledge - "He's The Greatest Dancer"
James Blake - "Retrograde"
Bon Iver - "Woods"
Diana Ross - "I'm Coming Out"
Panda Bear - "You Can Count On Me"
UR - "Amazon"
Bernard Hermann - "Taxi Driver"
Paul Williams - "Bugsy Malone"
Jackson 5 - "I Want You Back"

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