Meet MisterWives: Stream Their Debut EP & See Lyric Art For Every Song

The ultimate audio/visual introduction to this need-to-know new band

Here's a band to put on your music-radar for 2014: MisterWives, an indie-pop-soul band based out of NYC. The buzzworthy band just released their debut Reflections EP, a collection of six songs full of catchy hooks and infectious pop melodies. It's just the thing to wake you from the January doldrums!

But MisterWives aren't just a peppy pop group: they also deliver heavy-hitting ballads, like their track "Coffins," a song that demonstrates their vivid songwriting skills. "How do you soften the thought of carrying coffins? We were so alive, only to see us wither and die," sings lead-vocalist Mandy Lee, proving that the band not only knows how to make us dance, but ponder our own mortality as well.

The Reflections EP can be streamed in its entirety below. But that's not all — as an extra bonus the band gave us exclusive handwritten lyric art for every song on the EP. So click play, scroll down, and follow along with the band's awesome handwritten lyric art as you listen. Talk about the ideal audio/visual experience, right?

1. Twisted Tongue

2. Reflections (which just so happens to be the Free Single of the Week on iTunes!)

3. Coffins

4. Kings And Queens

5. Imagination Infatuation

6. Vagabond

MisterWives' Reflections EP is available now on iTunes.

What's your favorite lyric on the Reflections EP? Share it with us in the comments.