Summer Daze: 3 Songs That Make Us Want To Take A Vacation

The temperatures in our neck of the woods have been pretty hot lately, since it's summer and all, but any adult will tell you that life and work still have to go on even during the sunniest months. But we can still daydream about vacations and trips and holidays, right? Here are 3 songs that make our minds wander to thoughts of sand, surf, and sun.

3. Weezer - Island In The Sun

"On an island in the sun / We'll be playin' an' havin' fun / And it makes me feel so fine / I can't control my brain"

As if the sweet baby animals weren't enough to calm us into vacation-mode, the song's smooth guitar riffs and Rivers Cuomo's soothing voice have us on Expedia looking for cheap flights to an island somewhere. In the sun, naturally.

2. Frank Ocean - Sweet Life

"You've had a landscaper and a house keeper since you were born / The sunshine always kept you warm / So why see the world, when you got the beach"

This Pharrell-produced track is so dang laid-back it makes us feel that blissful, sleepy feeling that one usually only gets from laying on a lounge-chair by a private pool while the wait-staff feeds you tropical drinks. Sweet life, indeed.

1. Madonna - La Isla Bonita

"Tropical the island breeze / All of nature, wild and free / This is where I long to be / La isla bonita"

What is it about tropical islands that makes them so alluring? For Madonna, we imagine it's the absence of paparazzi and screaming fans.

What are some songs that make you want to take a vacation? Tell us below!