Super Bowl Recap: Madge Is Back! Madonna's Halftime Show

Alright, hands up: who watched the Super Bowl yesterday? Well, according to the stats, approximately 117 million viewers were expected to tune in! And what better reason to get stoked for game day (minus the snacks, epic commercials and well, the football) then the long-awaited, heavily anticipated Madonna Halftime Show! We LOL-d last night when we read this tweet by local TV host Fiona Forbes:

She's just so right! Madonna owned the Halftime Show stage last night, proving to the world that she is indeed the Queen of Comebacks (not to mention pop).

Clocking in at over 12 minutes, Madge is lifted like Roman royalty onto the stage by her many male Adonises. We anxiously began live-tweeting Madonna's arrival and launch into one of her biggest hits, "Vogue". With the amazing stage that looked like a giant TV screen, we saw the music legend and her entourage strut across page after page of Vogue magazine covers. Love the golden headpiece, Madge!

Madonna went from couture to clubbin' when "Music" began to play, and the stage transformed into a colorful pulsating stereo as the icon flirted with her male dancers. We give MAD props to the tightrope walked at 4:11 — that takes SERIOUS skill!

LMFAO make an appearance after the tightrope walker (what a hard act to follow!) and showed Madonna how to "Party Rock" and how to be "Sexy and Know it" (hehe). Look out for Madge doin' the shuffle with the boys and totally showing them up!

Then came the cheerleaders, pom-poms, and Nicki Minaj + M.I.A. for Madonna's new single "Give Me All Your Luvin'" — girl power at its finest! We LOVED the styling during this performance: Nicki and M.I.A. are a couple of Roman cheerleaders complete with gold studs and headbands for a mix of edgy and adorable. As predicted, M.I.A. gets rebellious at 7:53 and shows how she probably feels about the Super Bowl ad corporate America. Sassy!

Cue the marching band! Led by soulful crooner Cee Lo Green, he joined Madonna in a snare-drummed rendition of "Open Your Heart", which we totally adored. We thought this might have been the finale, but lo and behold...

Madonna gets serious in a black sequined coat for her performance of...wait for it..."Like A Prayer"! We CALLED IT in our Playlistin' post from last Friday! *does happy dance* This was our fave performance of the night, with the full choir sashaying beneath Madge and a FULLY sequined Cee Lo who sang backup with such passion — incredible!

What was your favorite Madonna moment from her Super Bowl Halftime show?