Supertrampin' It Up (Live In Concert)

Rick Davies of Supertramp

My dad's fave band in the ENTIRE world is Supertramp, and for Father's Day, my family bought tix to the show which took place last night. Thanks to my pops, I'm also a massive ST fan, and I can honestly say it was one of the best concerts of my life! Here's my top five Supertramp songs that were performed at the gig:

I wish I could have seen them perform this song in 1979! This is one of their many classics, featuring layered vocals, their signature Wurlitzer keyboard sound, and clever lyrics that I love. 

See the long-haired dude playin' the Wurlitzer keys? That's Roger Hodgson, and unfortunately, him and Rick Davies (pictured above) parted ways in 1983, so Roger wasn't present at the concert. However, the band hired on TWO amazing young singers (Jesse Siebenberg and Gabe Dixon) to belt out Hodgson's parts, and is it wrong to say that I didn't mind his absence? They were incredible! 

This song is INFAMOUS for its super long jam after the lyrics cut off! I couldn't tell you how long their impromptu jam went on for last night ... it felt like forever (in a good way, obviously). 

The best thing about this song is the subtly of it. The jazzy horn section, the little Wurlitzer plinks ... it's just adorable. The lyrics are spot on as well - Davies croons that even if you're a poor boy, you can still be happy.

I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say that this is probably my most cherished Supertramp song. And when they busted it out last night, I miiiiiiiight have shed a tear or two. This song is totally underrated and surpassed by the commercial success of their big hits, so when the time came for the "Guess I'll always have to be / Living in a fantasy" echo at the end, a LOT more people could have been singing along. *Sigh* it was still magical though.