Survival Guide: 4 Things You Need When Attending a Backstreet Boys Concert

I had the privilege this weekend to attend the NKOTBSB concert on behalf of MetroLyrics with A.H. by my side. As a 20-something, I've always been a BSB girl more than a NKOTB fan so I was excited to see how they had changed since I last saw them at age 8. Surprisingly, they still had all the moves and the voices to match. Swoon-fest. I decided to give my fellow concert-goers a few tips to get through their nostalgic night out.


1. Earplugs.

Seriously, their fans may be all grown up but their screams are just as shrill as you remember them being! Also, don't be surprised if you start screaming too...

2. A sparkly outfit.

How else is Nick Carter going to notice you and pick you to come up on stage so he can serenade you with "I'll Never Break Your Heart"? This is a must-have item to stand out in a sea of similarly dolled-up girls who want to marry Nick just as much, if not more than you do.

3. Close-toed shoes.

Foot safety is very important. You may want to show off your freshly painted summer pedicure but please think twice before you wear those peep-toes. The concert will be attended by thousands of girls and that means thousands of high-heeled shoes waiting to trample your precious tootsies!

4. Kleenex.

Sure, you may laugh now, but I know a certain someone (*cough*A.H.*cough*) who got misty-eyed at the exact moment the boys started performing As Long As You Love Me. Don't think it can't happen to you.

Once you have your bag packed with these survival essentials go forth and conquer. This could be the last BSB tour ever!