Swedish Singer-Songwriter Anna Bergendahl Shares Her 'My Musical Mind'

When Anna Bergendahl sang in front of the judges of Swedish Idol at her very first audition, her powerful, vulnerable voice and guitar playing left them speechless. Hearing her music had the exact same effect on us —  the multifaceted, mature tone of her voice is reminiscent of artists like Tracy Chapman or Norah Jones. Since competing in Idol in 2008, Anna has gone on to many great things with her music: she participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, the Swedish song contest Melodifestivalen in the same year, and already has two albums under her belt.

We wanted to get to know Anna Bergendahl better, so we asked her about songwriting, lyrics, and her fans in the latest edition of My Musical Mind:

Anna's album Something To Believe In is scheduled to be released in the US later this year.

Listen to Anna's song "Live And Let Go":

Want more? Check out Anna's official website.